During midterms we can all feel consumed with schoolwork. Exams, papers, projects, etc. Whether you’re an instructor, student or faculty member, you know where I’m coming from.

With this being the last weekend before Spring Break and Midterms all next week, one would expect extended study hours at the Charles V. Park Library on the campus of CMU. But no. The Library closes at 6 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday.

Yea sure, the “extended hours” study room is opened till midnight, but that can become so packed at times that you can’t even find a seat. So why is it that the Library closes so early? 

Oh, wait. Is it because everyone parties at those times and doesn’t go to the library? That’s it. Now it makes sense. How stupid of me for wanting to do homework on a Friday and Saturday night, right?

Sorry to sound so sarcastic but it has to be done. I just don’t feel the college is setting forth the best example by closing the doors to their library this early. 

Furthermore, the Student Activity Center does’t open till Noon on Saturday and Sunday. You know; Because everyone’s too hungover to make it to the gym at say 9 or 10 a.m. 

I feel like we’re being cheated as students. Both of these facilities should be open 24 hours, especially on weekends when students have most of their free time available. 

CMU is just being cheap. They can pay Colin Powell $125,000 to come speak on campus, yet can’t afford to keep these facilities opened.

I know this is a party college. I get that. But this is also an accredited  university. And not everyone is focused on getting wasted on weekends. Some want to help further their education by hitting the books more.