There’s no larger professional sports business than that of National Football League. It currently grosses an estimated 9.5 billion dollars. Amazingly, the organization relies on a blogger for late breaking news and up-to-the minute info.

Kevin Seifert is that guy. Constantly and consistently delivering news from a dominant division, right when it happens. Posting in upwards of seven blogs per day, Seifert’s sticks with the NFC North like the pigskin sticks to brand new receiver gloves.

Seifert’s blog entitled, Moss-Rice: Who changed the game more?, adhered to many of the blogging principles discussed in JRN 340. Although a former writer for the Minnesota Star Tribune, Seifert keeps his structure short and concise. Providing a photo of Moss during his interview, with stats as a caption was fitting next to the text that discussed that exact moment. It put you there as a reader.

Switching organizations, Eric Freeman blogs for Yahoo on the NBA. His blogs deal directly with any NBA related issues both on-and-off the court. For the most part, his blogs were short and to-the-point. Never once did he put down anything sloppy. Just like Seifert, he too sticks to a set schedule and posts at least three times a day with immediacy.

Taking a look at Freeman’s blog, Lebron James is upset he will miss the Super Bowl because of Heat game, Freeman displays character from top-to-bottom. His comments like, “Unless you avoided media all week…”, show his humor with sports blogging. Moreover, his tags and links to what he’s discussing help provide readers with more than they bargained for.

Because both blogs were unbiased, I was able to appreciate to content even more. In addition, I liked how  both bloggers knew what they were talking about. Even though they didn’t lay too many numbers down, they still seemed very trustworthy just through their terminology and recollection of events.

Freeman’s blogs were frequently accompanied by video, making them even more interesting. Seifart did the same, just not as much. Nonetheless, Seifart’s blogs were more blog-like, whereas Freeman stayed more journalistic.

I’m a numbers guy. I might have thrown a few stats down just to provide proof. But, it is obvious that; their confidence level is higher than mine. These two experienced journalists have been doing this for much longer than I have. Seifart was good at in-depth news, while Freeman could lay down a story like no other. The both had their own style.